Weather in Saturday´s ski jump competition was little bit more challenging than Friday, because of little snow and windy conditions. That didn´t effect the top jumpers to pull fantastic jumps. Germany´s Severin Freund showed that Friday´s second place was not a fluke. Freund pulled fantastic 146 meter jump and with that he deserves pole position to the second round. Jumpers who made the 140 meter in first round was Stefan Kraft and Maciej Kot with 140,5 meter jumps. Yesterday´s top jumpers Slovenian Domen and Peter Prevc didn´t manages to pull jumps like yesterday. Peter was 12th, and Damien 14th, after first round. DSC_0488

Second round was a thriller like yesterday, as the athletes start to show their skills. French jumper Vincent Descombes Sevoie jumps 139 meters and took the lead, before the first round top ten jumpers came down the hill.

King of the competition was Severin Freund. Freund was the last jumper of the second round and he pulled out 138 meter jump, which take him over 10 point victory against the competition second Norway´s Daniel-Andre Tande. Manuel Fettner from Austria was the 3th.

Whole results:

Text: Santtu Manner

Picture: Santeri Vikman