Finland’s Iivo Niskanen won two years ago in Ruka and today Niskanen did it again by winning the men’s 15 kilometers race.

Niskanen pushed the last five kilometer lap hard and his main contenders Emil Iversen and Martin Johnsrud Sundby were left standing.

Norway’s Iversen came second by losing 10,2 seconds to Niskanen and Sundby lost by one second to his fellow countryman.


“My voice is gone”, Niskanen told the press after the race when he was asked how did it feel to chant the fanatic home crowd after the victory.

“I maybe could have gone faster. In the last lap I could speed up maybe too much because the second lap was so calm”, Niskanen said.

Full results are here:

Antti Järvinen / Laajasalon opisto

Kuvat Kim Nyholm / Laajasalon opisto