Norway’s Marit Bjoergen controlled the women’s 10 kilometers race from start to finish. Bjoergen led at every checkpoint.

Finland’s Krista Pärmäkoski didn’t lose much to the Norwegian as the difference between them was only 4,6 seconds.

Heidi Weng, Norwegian as well, was challenging Bjoergen at the first checkpoints but lost seconds later on and Pärmäkoski got ahead.

“Last few months have been good and I knew that if I have a good day I will fight for the podium”, Bjoergen said after the race in a press conference.

“I’ve been training with the best World Cup skiers (Norway’s national team” so I knew I would be in good shape”, Bjoergen told.

You can find the full results here:

Antti Järvinen / Laajasalon opisto