Norwegian athletes fought back after yesterdays diffuculties  in the sprint race.

Todays winner in 10 kilometres classical style race was Norwegian Marit Björgen. Swede Charlotte Kalla finished second place ahead of another Norwegian, Ingvild Flugstad Östberg who lost the second place with only 0,8 seconds.

Björgen was happy about her performance today.

“Today, for sure, the conditions were difficult. I’m not sure what was wrong yesterday, but i knew i was in a good shape”, Björgen told in media meeting after the race.

Björgen was immediately eyeying for tomorrows race, 10 kilometres pursuit, the last race of the Ruka minitour. She will start 2,6 seconds after the minitourleader, Kalla.

“I hope, that we can do some job together tomorrow. Maybe it will be decided in a sprint finish in last few metres”, Björgen said

Womens last race of the weekend, 10 kilometres pursuit, will start on sunday at 10.45 a.m.

Toni Pönniö/Laajasalon opisto