Team Russia’s Alexander Bolshunov won the first sprint of the World Cup season. Johannes Hösflot Klaebo came second and Eirik Brandsdal third. The final had a dramatic ending, when leading Klaebo started to slow down well before the finish line and Bolshunov sneaked to the win right by the Norge.

Team Finland’s started its day well, but it didn’t carry out throught the day. Team Finland’s qualification round went exceptionally well. As much as seven Finns made it to the quarterfinals. Best of the bunch was Ristomatti Hakola who finished fourth at the qualification.

Klaebo easily won the qualification round, beating his countryman Brandsdal by over 3 seconds.

Despite the excellent qualification, all Finns except Hakola got eliminated in quarter-finals. Hakola himself didn’t make it to Final, falling to the last place in his semifinal.

Six men in the Final were four Norges Klaebo, Brandsdal, Emil Iversen and Sondre Turvoll Fossli. Russians Bolshunov and Gleb Rethivyk completed the lineup.

Men’s Cross-Country World-Cup continues at Ruka Nordic tomorrow with 15 km classic style race.

Matias Koivuranta/Laajasalon opisto