Germany won the team competition before Japan and Norway. Japan was the best in the ski jumping, but Germany managed to win the cross country. Norway started the cross country three minutes behind, but skied great and took the third place.

Germany and Norway were the favorites and started good. Norways Jan Schmid jumped an amazing 141 meter jump which was the best jump today. Team Austria did great, but Lukas Greiderer was disqualified and Austria dropped to fifth place. Japan was best in the Ski Jumps before Norway and Germany. Team Norway dropped to sixth place when Jarl Magnus Riiber was disqualified. Japan headed to the cross country part with a minute lead over Germany.  

From the start it was clear that Germany would catch Japan. After the first 5km the lead was just 7.1 seconds in Japan’s favour. Second round skier Fabian Riessle catched Japan’s Yoshito Watabe and in the 3 km mark he overtook him and begun to gain an advantage. In the end Riessle had gained a 18.9 second lead. After this Germany cruised to victory. Germanys last team member Vinzenz Geiger crossed the line with a one minute lead. Japan was second and Norway managed to ski to third place.

– Of course it was our tactic to start easily and then build up in the second part. We did good and won the race.

Amir Farhat/Laajasalon Opisto