Karl Geiger  jumps longest in qualifying round at Ruka. 

Ski Jumping World Cup`s second competition weekend started on Friday at Ruka with qualifying round. Germany`s  Karl Geiger jumped the longest jump of the qualifying round with 147 meters. Qualifying was won by 19-year old Slovenian Timi Zajc. Robert Johansson took the second place with 142 meters jump.  Other favourites, Norwegian Daniel Andre Tande was 43th and Kamil Stoch 19th. Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi was 8th.

Finnish jumpers Antti Aalto and Andreas Alamommo qualified for tomorrow’s competition with surprises from Jarkko Määttä and Niko Kytösaho, who also qualified. Aalto jumped 129 meters which gave him 21th position. Alamommo jumped 116 meters and he was qualifying round`s 48th. Young  Kytösaho was 28th and Määttä 32th.

42-year old veteran, Japanese Noriaki Kasai did not qualify for tomorrow’s competition.