Secretary General of International Ski Federation admired snowy views at Ruka. However, she was very serious about the anti-doping program.

FIS Anti-doping program was presented for the media on the first competition day of Ruka Nordic. Secretary General of International Ski Federation, Sarah Lewis, said that doping testing is currently more extensive than ever.

This year FIS made about 850 doping tests during the off-season period.

Being worried about the health of the athletes, Lewis told that FIS is focusing especially on educating junior athletes. Anti-doping education, that started in 2019 Junior Wolrd Cup in Lahti, will be continued.

Attending to said educations will be non-optional to juniors who are going to compete on FIS competitions.

– FIS has zero tolerance for doping, said Lewis.

Secretary General was thankful for co-operation with the officials.

In the update, Lewis told about the doping cases currently under investigation. Police operation in Seefeld in February caused cases that have been dealt with. Lewis was especially thankful for the smooth co-operation with the officials.

Doping investigation of the five athletes’ also resulted in penalties in the support teams. FIS demands a ban for four years for the athletes involved.

Lewis didn’t comment the situation regarding Russian ahtletes. WADA will announce their decision about investigation in December.

Ville Vatanen, Laajasalon Opisto