Second day of nordic combined competitions was again celebration of reigning World Champion Jarl Magnus Riiber. Germanys Vinzenz Geiger ruined Norwegian dominance with his second place.

Next three spots went to Norway though. Jens Lurås Öftebro finished third, Espen Bjoernstad fourth and Joergen Graabak fifth. 3-pack of Austrians finished on the next three spots. Lukas Greiderer, Franz-Josef Rehrl and Thomas Joebstl in that order. Finnish competitors couldn’t fill the expectations of home crowd when Leevi Mutru finished 20th as a best Finn.


Top 3 included personal surprises and extreme confidence

Vinzenz Geiger was really happy with his performance today, but was confident enough to throw challenge at his opposition

– I’ve been saving my best for Sunday, the German told with confidence.

Claiming his second third spot of Ruka Nordic on the podium, 19-year-old Jens Lurås Öftebro was pleasantly surprised by his own performance

– I said yesterday that my goal for Saturday is to be in top 10, so third place was better than good. I’m very satisfied 10/10, said the young Norwegian.


Edi Aaltonen
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