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        Dear Team Members,
        Ruka Nordic is again World Cup start for the Cross Country skiers, Ski Jumpers and Nordic Combined athletes. With Ski Jumping these three disciplines will have eight world cup competitions as “Nordic Opening” together in Ruka. Ruka is hosting world cup opening-event now 15th time. In this ski season we have Lahti 2017 World Championships event, so seasons start in Ruka is one step to the road to Lahti.
        This year we have CC and NC athletes’ presentation with Top 5 athlete’s at Ruka Village stage on Friday evening.
        Ruka is in the border of Lapland and will therefore share the Lappish atmosphere with its unique nature and its icons reindeer and Santa Claus. We wish good luck and fair play during the intensive event weekend and hope that all of You are able to enjoy the white scenery.


        Mr. Seppo Linjakumpu
        General Secretary

      • Competition office

        The competition office is situated on the 1st floor of the Conference Centre of Ruka.
        The telephone number is +358 8 818 1122.

        Opening hours:
        Monday 21.11. 09.00–19.00
        Tuesday 22.11. 09.00–19.00
        Wednesday 23.11. 09.00–20.00
        Thursday 24.11. 09.00–20.00
        Friday 25.11. 08.00–21.00
        Saturday 26.11. 08.00–21.00
        Sunday 27.11. 08.00–17.00

        During the competitions the competition office will function as information and service point for the teams.
        The official notice board is in the office. Official bulletins and unofficial results will be posted on the board.
        The teams can collect e.g. starting lists, result lists and other competition material and information for the teams in the competition office.