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      • NORDIC VIP

        Personalized service and amazing atmosphere for you and your guests – enjoy the World Cup competition with us!

        With the exclusive Ruka Nordic VIP ticket you will get:

        • Entrance to the area and the VIP restaurant Sudenpesä
        • Carefully selected food and drink catering for our VIP guests
        • Private toilet for only VIP guests
        • Private VIP areas in the audience (cross-country skiing and ski jumping)
        • Private patio with sound system for commentary and music
        • Guarded clothing storage

        Ruka Nordic VIP ticket prices:
        Friday 120 €
        Saturday 150 €
        Sunday 120 €

      • Contact

        For more information about the Ruka Nordic VIP ticket and experience please contact Jussi Saarinen

        Jussi Saarinen Event Manager
        Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association
        +358 40 843 6023