Due to exceptional circumstances, Ruka Nordic World Cup competition has had discussions with International Ski Federation FIS which examines organizing of the competition 30 days prior the event. The result of this examination was that there’s enough teams participating for the competition, and the guidelines & permits from public officials state it’s possible for the teams arrive to Finland. The Ruka Nordic is held accordingly at the end of November without any audience, so that the risks of Covid-19 infections are minimized during the event.

Event preparations are progressing according to normal schedule and the number of participating countries has stayed the same. The competition will be attended by 341 athletes from 27 countries. During three days Ruka will host World Cup competitions for cross-country skiing and during two days for ski jumping.

”Right now we are in the middle of the most extraordinary circumstances and we have made huge efforts for the event to happen. Preparations are progressing smoothly and we have took yet another step forward in order to organize both successful, and safe event for everyone”, says Secretary General of Ruka Nordic Seppo Linjakumpu.

Ruka Nordic’s internal Covid-19 team is preparing the safety measures

The current situation with Covid-19 has been been taken into account at the event with special safety measures. Ruka Nordic has co-operated with other international World Cup competitions at Levi, Kontiolahti and Lahti in order to create an extensive contingency plan for the event. Ruka Nordic also has its own internal Covid-19 team which follows both national guidelines by Finnish authorities and safety guidelines by FIS, so that participating for the competition would be as safe as possible for all the arriving attendees and athletes.


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Seppo Linjakumpu

Secretary General

Ruka Nordic

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