Jarl Magnus Riiber advanced to an overwhelming victory in the second Nordic combined race of the weekend at the Ruka.


On Saturday 10 km cross-country race was held with Jarl Magnus Riiber taking the victory. Norwegian went to the ski track from the first position, 14 seconds before Japanese Akito Watabe who held the second position. Riiber dominated his lead throughout the competition and got to ski to his victory with ease.

Riiber told that he just tried to keep on pushing and trying to have the same distance to Eric Frenzel all the time. For tomorrow’s competition, he hopes that he can jump even better and have another win.

The difference between Riiber and Eric Frenzel (who came second in the race) was a staggering 50,1 seconds. Frenzel rose from sixth place to second with his strong skiing. The German got to fight for the placements until the last, but was stronger than Franz-Josef Rehrl, Manuel Faisst, and Japan’s Akito Watabe who came third in the final.

Yoshito Watabe, who jumped well on the hill section, dropped from 4th place to 9th in skiing. Philipp Orter left ninth to the track, but the placement eventually dropped dramatically and the Austrian was finally twenty-sixth.    Jens Luraas Oftebro, who finished third on Friday, fell on the hill section and was tenth in the race today.

This time the Finns did not do so well overall. Ilkka Herola, who started from the 24th place as the best Finnish skier, was the fastest skier in the whole group. Herola rose to 11th place in the competition.

Eero Hirvonen also made a great rise. Hirvonen, who started from 26th place, finished 14th. Perttu Reponen‘s first World Cup score in 28th place also brought joy.

The third and final race of the Nordic Combined Ruka Tour will be fought in the same format as on Saturday. The hill section starts at 10:30 and the skiing starts at 15:55 EET.