In men’s fifteen kilometers pre-favorite Iivo Niskanen who suffered from back problems froze from the top spot in the last round. The victory was eventually taken by the Norwegian sprinter Johannes Hösflot Kläbo. In the women’s 10 kilometers cross-country skiing, Therese Johaug took a clear victory as expected.

Storm warning from Kläbo

Johannes Hösflot Kläbo who went to the Friday sprint as a pre-favorite, was surprisingly second in the sprint. Today Norwegian was prepared and his speed was incredible during the whole 15 kilometers long competition. 

Next to Kläbo, two Russians placed on the podium. Alexei Chervotkin reached second place and Aleksandr Bolshunov came on third place. Chervotkin was known for preparedness in advance, but not believed to stand on the podium. Kläbo and Bolshunov were expected to be among the top three.

Women’s ten kilometers with Johaug predominance

Therese Johaug from Norway, a great pre-favorite of the competition, was in a first class of her own in the classic 10km trail. At the first peak point ahead of the second toughest rivals, Sweden’s Frida Karlsson was still ahead. Johaug closed the gap to the next point and skied to an glorious victory in 25:01.4. The gap to Karlsson, who eventually placed 2nd, was 21.8 seconds and to Ebba Anderson who place third was 26 seconds.

– “My plan for today was to ski well and focus on technique. It was very fun to come back to Ruka again and compete. I am happy that the International Ski Association and the organizer managed to organize this competition in these times”, told Johaug after the competition.


Frida Karlsson
Frida Karlsson was left behind Therese Johaug. Photo by Leo Lehto

Original text by Erasmus Envall & Henri Honkala

English text by Ida Konttila

Photos by Miika Venäläinen