The Nordic combined Sunday race had to be carried out based on the results of PCR that was held on Thursday. Jens Luraas Oftebro of Norway won the third race of the weekend. The entire victory of the Ruka Tour was grabbed by Jarl Magnus Riiber.


On Sunday, the 10 km section of skiing was skied again. It was not possible to jump this time due to the strong wind. For this reason, they started skiing on Thursday with the results of the jumped spare race. This also meant that Jarl Magnus Riiber, who had won the previous two races, did not take part in the ski section as he was disqualified in the spare race because of his jump suit. 

Although Riiber did not participate, the victory still came to Norway as Ruka’s last race was won by Jens Luraas Oftebro. Fabian Riessle was second and presented good skiing. Manuel Faisst, who left first 18 seconds before Oftebro, eventually finished third. 

Johannes Lamparter, who competed steadily throughout the weekend started the track as third, but had to settle for fourth place. Estonian Kristjan Ilves was also a positive surprise, finishing fifth. Vinzenz Geiger from Germany had a strong ski leg and eventually rose to sixth after starting from 15th place. 


The Finns got a chance to shine again 

Eero Hirvonen was the best athlete of the Finnish team. Hirvonen started from 16th place and rose to eighth place with great skiing. He was also 2nd fastest on the track today. 

Another Finn who reached the top ten was Ilkka Herola, who started on the 19th track, who was also the fastest in the entire ski section on Sunday. For Herola, the ranking was also the first in the top ten in Ruka. Even if the hill section was canceled, Herola would have been enthusiastic about the jumping tower. Herola also enjoyed skiing on Sunday. 


Riiber won the entire Ruka Tour

The Ruka Tour consisted of all three Nordic combined races of the weekend. As last year, Jarl Magnus Riiber won the Ruka Tour with 200 points, although he did not participate in the last race. Second place in the Tour was taken by Sunday’s race winner Jens Luraas Oftebro with 186 points and third came Johannes Lamparter, who collected a total of 170 points throughout the weekend. 

This time the Finns did not fight for the top places in the overall competition.
Eero Hirvonen was 11th and Ilkka Herola placed 15th.

Julia Kottila
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