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          Join Ruka Nordic’s top team!

          Ruka Nordic will be held for the 20th time in the landscapes of the Ruka-Kuusamo ski stadium. Every year, the event gathers professionals and volunteers from various fields all over Finland, especially from the Kuusamo region.

          We offer unforgettable experiences at the vantage points of a top sporting event in a variety of roles, both in making of and during the event. We take care of the corona security of the volunteers at the event.

          If you are interested in already getting involved in the planning phase of the event already during the autumn, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.

          If you have already applied as a volunteer, you can log in to GateHQ from this link.

          Benefits and conditions

          As a volunteer, you will experience e.g. the following benefits:

          • Accreditation for the event
          • Voluntary restaurant services
          • Orientation for your task
          • Employment certificate upon request
          • Valuable work experience
          • Opportunity for networking and a good team around you
          • An invite to the volunteers thank you -ceremony
          • Discounts to local partner services
          • And of course, you get to watch an international top sporting event up close!

          In addition, we require our applicants to:

          • Have a positive attitude
          • Participate in training’s
          • Study the introductory material

          Familiarize yourself with our teams and tasks in the TASKS section of the menu on the left and ask our volunteer manager or team leader for more information on the tasks, if necessary.

          Join us by clicking APPLY AS A VOLUNTEER!




          Our volunteer registration has moved into the digital age!

          We have implemented the GateHQ software and by applying to volunteer, your information will be transferred to the volunteer register maintained by Kuusamon Eräveikot.

          Apply to volunteer through THIS LINK.

          After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation request to your email. Remember to confirm it!

          You can later change your basic information or add photos if you wish. You can also view shifts in GateHQ after they are published. We will notify selected volunteers separately when shifts are published.

          After you have applied you can log in to GateHQ through  THIS LINK.


        • TASKS

          There are many tasks in Ruka Nordic’s World Cup competitions and anyone can apply to become a volunteer. See the list below for task descriptions!


          • Ticket sales and inspection
          • Information office
          • Partner guides


          The competition office serves volunteers, teams, the media and other stakeholders, for example, in obtaining accreditation in the village of Ruka.

          These tasks require the volunteer to have a good customer service attitude, basic technical skills (computer skills), some language skills and a systematic approach to work.


          The ski team and hill team include a wide variety of tasks related to the implementation of competition events, site preparation, maintenance and mentoring of athletes.

          Many of the tasks are outdoor, and some also require physical fitness.

          Previous experience is an advantage, but new volunteers are also welcome. A brisk attitude, ability to cooperate and activity are most important.

          Ski team

          Ski teams tasks include e.g. stadium construction, equipment maintenance and skiing control.

          Hill team

          The job descriptions of the hill team include: maintenance of the descent slope and the maintenance measures of the hill climb.

          The task of the attaseat is to ensure the comfort of the teams and the smoothness of things. In this task, we expect fluent foreign language skills and independent work. For more information on tasks, contact your team leader.

          As a communication volunteer, you’ll be able to follow the event from a vantage point! The task is all about to arouse and maintain interest in the event by producing text, image and video content for various communication channels and by being present and give customer service on social media channels.

          Volunteers working in the communication team are expected to have previous experience or training in content production (text, image or video) as well as knowledge of sports. Those working in the communications team must have at least good oral and written knowledge of Finnish and English. Other language skills are considered an advantage, especially for Russian, German, Swedish and Norwegian.

          Communication volunteers are brave, independent, open-minded, team players who stick to schedules and enjoy a fast pace of work.

          In media services, volunteers work with domestic and international media accredited to the event, serving and assisting them at the media center and other media outlets. The position requires language skills, a customer service spirit, initiative and flexibility.

          IT volunteers assist in the construction and operation of information technology and telecommunications connections. The tasks of IT volunteers include e.g. installation tasks, cabling, and assisting customer groups in the use of networks, computers, and phones.

          Tasks include arranging meals for teams, audiences and volunteers. We are looking for volunteers for the bar and restaurants, as well as cashiers to our public cafés in the competition area. A hygiene passport and / or a drinking passport is an advantage.

          Tasks require a proactive attitude and basic customer service skills. The team also has a lot of tasks for first-timers!


          Safety: Security Guard (Age limit 18 years ), traffic control and access controllers (Age limit 16 years)

          A valid administrator card is a must for appliance for the duties of a security guide.

          Traffic controllers take care of the smooth operation of traffic and parking areas. Access controllers operate in the event area and check the access rights of accreditation passports.

          • Construction team for competition venues

          The task includes various construction and renovation tasks before, during after the event. The task requires a good attitude.

          • Construction team for the stadium areas

          During the event, the construction team of the stadium area will take care of the condition of the areas. After the event, the tasks includes  demolition of all exhibits. Tasks require initiative and a flexible way of working.

          Maintenance takes care of the sanding of the passageways and snowwork in the public event areas,  maintenance and safe repair of the areas in winter conditions.

          • Transport agency & drivers

          Drivers take care of the organization’s transportation needs, both passenger and freight transportation with dedicated equipment. Some assignments require a driver’s license, local knowledge, and some language skills.


          Environmental managers and cleaners take care of the cleanliness and comfort of the area during the event. The task requires a brisk and customer service-minded way of working.


          The health care services  are organized by an EA-team. The team coordinates the health services the participants and spectators together with the Security Manager. The task requires at least EA2 training and / or paramedic training.

          Contact information

          Our volunteer manager Pipsa Taivalmaa will be happy to provide more information on our various tasks. You can best reach her by emailing vapaaehtoiset@rukanordic.com, or by phone +358 40 148 5554


          The information for FIS World Cup Ruka Nordic 2021 can be found here: https://en.rukanordic.com/for-teams/

        • SERVICE-accreditation

          From the link below, eg.: Ruka Nordic service personnel, performers and other personnel can be accredited.

          To the accreditation.

          For more information please be in contact with Kirsi Hänninen or Marika Paananen.


          Kirsi Hänninen
          kirsi.hanninen@rukanordic.com, +358 50 028 2505

          Secretary General

          Marika Paananen
          marika.paananen@rukanordic.com, +358 44 5252 444

        • VOLUNTEER-accreditation

          Accreditation is open as follows:
          Mon 22.11. 9:00 – 19:00
          Tue 23.11. 9:00 – 19:00
          Wed 24.11. 9:00 – 19:00
          Thur 25.11. 9:00 – 19:00
          Fri 26.11. 8:00 – 18:00
          Sat 27.11. 8:00 – 17:00
          Sun 28.11. 8:00 – 11:00

          The accreditation of the RED group is located on the ground floor of Scandic Rukahov’s conference center. Rukankyläntie 15, 93830 Kuusamo.
          Accreditation for other groups is located upstairs at Scandic Rukahov Convention Center. Rukankyläntie 15, 93830 Kuusamo.

The season starts from Ruka!

FIS World Cup Ruka Nordic

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